Creative Works and Classes

me_smAssistacomp is a creativity consulting business creating and teaching the basics of Self Publishing Books, Photography, Websites and Video owned and operated by Jeff Montanye in Orange County, New York.

Montanye, a New York State certified adult education instructor provides technology training classes at the Orange-Ulster BOCES adult education program in Goshen, New York. These are short 2 to 4 day classes that run for three hours in the evening from 6pm to 9pm. These classes include Word Press, Microsoft Word and Excel, How to sell on eBay and Amazon, self publishing, Mastering the iPhone and iPad, Windows 10, Photoshop Elements, Digital Photography and more. Short versions of these classes are also provided for local libraries of the Ramapo Catskill Library System.

Self Publishing: Cover design, interior setup, assistance with self publishing as well as selling online.
Photography: Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, on-site tours around the Hudson Valley, photography services including real estate, commercial and personal work.
Websites: Classes in Word Press and web design services are provided.
Videos: Classes in creating your own videos, editing and listing with online sites such as Youtube.