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Library Classes

Library Classes

BooksDid you know that Assistacomp teaches classes at libraries throughout Orange County? These classes are usually free to the patrons of the library. You can request your local library to hold a class by Assistacomp if they don’t have one scheduled. Assistacomp classes are approved by the Ramapo Catskill Library System and a list of the libraries where classes can be held is located on the website: It is up to the library to decide to hold Assistacomp classes so you may have to ask them. Most of Assistacomp’s library classes are short versions of the full classes given at the Orange-Ulster BOCES adult education program in Goshen, either condensed down to an hour and a half or split up into multiple stand-alone classes. Some classes are designed specifically for libraries. For a complete list of library classes offered consult the class list on the website: Scroll down to the library section. You’ll see that I teach several photography classes as well as Selling on eBay, Online Publishing, Introduction to WordPress, Introduction to Social Media, Cyber Security and more. If the class you want is not listed contact me about creating one. Have your library call my office at 845-361-2029 for details.

6 Social Media Steps Every Small Business Owner Should Do:

6 Social Media Steps Every Small Business Owner Should Do:

1) Create an account on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media sites that may be pertinent to your business.
2) Complete each account. Make sure they have header photos, profile photos, links to your website and all the pertinent business information.
3) Create real word addresses for each account. Most of these accounts allow you to use your user name or business name as a link instead of the default random numbers. Such as instead of
4) Add a signature to ALL your emails that you send out. Include a link to each of these social media accounts headed with “Follow Us On…”
5) Write something. Write something new EVERY day! Find something interested to write about, usually related to your business. Write a brief message between 200 and 500 words. Then make a few shorter versions of it down to just a few sentences (Many Social Media sites have limits for each post). Include at least one picture. This is very important. Do it!
6) Post it to your website and then to each social media site with a link to the full story on your website.

It takes some time, maybe a few months but it WILL work. Once you get a good size following you can repeat some of your posts that you made when you didn’t have any followers. Since you had no followers when you started few people probably saw it but you have to start somewhere. Start today!

Child Themes

baby_smIt’s a Theme!

A child theme that is. With child themes you can edit the code in your WordPress theme without the worry of automatic updates reverting your theme back to it’s original files. Often the theme you like and choose doesn’t quite work or look the way you want it to. So, you do a little research online and find a way to edit the code to make your website work or look the way you want it to. You squeamishly enter into the editor and make the changes you found online. Presto, it works great! But next time WordPress or your theme is updated your changes are removed. To prevent this from happening you must shut off all automatic updates and ignore all future updates for your theme. This can be real bad because these updates prevent hackers from getting in and messing up your website. The answer to your problems is child themes.

To create a child theme you have to create a new folder on your web server inside the wp-content/themes folder. This folder should have the same name as the theme folder with a “-child” appended to it. So if your theme is “Viva” then your child theme is “Viva-child”. Inside that folder you have to create a file called “style.css” with the following code:

Theme Name: your_theme_name (usually the original theme name with “-child” appended)
Theme URL: theme_URL
Description: theme_description
Author: your_name
Author URL: http://your_URL
Template: original_theme_name

@import url(“../original_theme/style.css”);


Everything in italics above will have to be changed to your own information.

Next, go into the Themes section on your dashboard. You will see your new child theme there. Activate it.

Finally, copy the file that you want to change from the original theme folder to your child theme folder. Make any changes to the file in the child theme folder, not the original theme folder. WordPress will over-ride the original with yours. If an update comes through, the original will be updated but not yours.

This is the best way to handle file edits in WordPress. If these instructions are over your head, I also provide this service for you.