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Photography Tutorials
Christmas Lights Indoors
Why is it that when you photograph Christmas lights they come out as little tiny dots of light that you can barely see? How can you get brighter, more colorful, dynamic Christmas light shots?
Christmas Lights Outdoors
How to take fabulous Christmas light shots with great color and beautiful skies.
Circle of Confusion
Learning about the circle of confusion will help you to understand some very useful and interesting aspects of digital photography. Things like depth-of-field, lens resolution, sharpness and bokeh all are related to the circle of confusion.
Understand aperture and how it effects your photos. More than just depth of field, aperture settings can really affect your photos.
Discover the basic functions of your flash and how to use it properly.
Long Exposure
Some important information about Long Exposure Photography including the “bulb” setting, how to choose an aperture and shutter speed, noise and using a tripod properly. You’ll also learn about diffraction and how it effects the clarity of your image as well as creating a star-burst effect.
Photographing Fall Foliage
How to capture the best fall foliage photos: when to shoot and what settings to use.
Shaping Bokeh
A good photographer is concerned with the entire photo, not just the main subject. Even those parts that are out of focus in the background are part of your photo. So let’s take a closer look at the out-of-focus part of the photo which is called Bokeh
Slow Sync Effects
Create special effects using slow sync flash photography.
Slow Sync Flash Photography
Mixing light from flash with ambient light for better exposures. This tutorial helps you to understand how flash works.
White Balance
Get off AWB and start choosing the proper white balance yourself. Get great accurate color in your photographs.