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Self-Publish a Book
It seems that almost everybody has an idea for writing a book although book publishers are only interested in established writers. The rest of us can self-publish our books. This class shows you step-by-step how to create a professional book using Microsoft Word, publish it through a Print-on-Demand company called Create Space and sell that book on Amazon without costing you a dime. The class teaches you about copyrights, library of congress control numbers and ISBN codes. You’ll also learn how to use Microsoft Word properly and setup the pages of your book. Finally, the class will guide you through Create Space and converting your work into an actual book that sells on Amazon.

BOCES (Hands on):
Day 1: 3 hours – Self-Publishing Basics: copyright, ISBN, etc.
Day 2: 3 hours – Setting up Microsoft Word to create your book.
Day 3: 3 hours – Editing Photos, finalizing your work.
Day 4: 3 hours – Cover design, using Create Space, getting your book on Amazon and creating an e-book.

Libraries (Lecture only):
Session 1: 2 hours – Self-Publishing Basics
Session 2: 2 hours – Using Microsoft Word to create your book.
Session 3: 2 hours – Using Create Space, getting your book on Amazon and creating an e-book.

Note to libraries: Sessions are designed to be independent from one another. Libraries do not need to schedule every session, only those that appeal to you.

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