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Photography Classes
IPhone Digital Photography
Camera phones are quickly replacing compact digital cameras. As easy as it is to use the iPhone camera, it has many limitations. However, there are numerous techniques and apps that make your phone work like a regular digital camera. This class teaches you the basics of digital photography and how to get the most out of the iPhone camera.
Beginners Digital Photography
This class is for compact camera owners. We start with a beginner’s overlook of the compact digital camera and then walk you through all the equipment, cords, CDs and manuals that came in the box when you purchased your camera. Learn how to get the most from your camera without being overwhelmed with confusing technology. Understand the buttons and menus to take good quality pictures. Learn what to do after downloading images to your computer. Also learn how to take care of your camera, charge the batteries and install flash cards, etc. This course also teaches how to use the basic functions of your camera such as flash modes, scenes, face detect, zoom, ISO, white balance, etc. Set your camera up to work for you quickly and easily. Learn photography techniques that help you take better photographs.


Intermediate Digital Photography (Digital SLR Photography)
This is a class for people who own Digital SLR cameras or advanced compact cameras. We will explain the DSLR’s common menus and setting. Your camera should have a program (P) mode with advanced settings to take this class. You will learn all about the settings in these powerful cameras and when to change them.


Advanced Digital Photography
There are three main things you need to understand to accomplish great photography: Exposure, Lighting, Composition. Master these and you can take a great photo with a tin can! This class is for those who are comfortable with how their digital SLR camera works but need to know how to make this technology work for them. Learn the exposure triangle and how Aperture and Shutter speed can be balanced for very different effects. You’ll learn the techniques that professional photographers use to get perfect exposures using gray cards and level cards. You’ll learn how to use laser pens, flashlights and other household items to paint with light. Bounce flashes and remote flashes are also covered. Secrets about lens bokeh are reveled to create special effects. Learn photography rules such as the golden mean to improve your composition.

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